DBI/SALA Anchorage Connectors

Anchorage Connectors

DBI/SALA manufactures the industry’s widest range of anchorage connectors, combining ease of use, light weight and high strength (5,000 lb. Min. tensile strength). No matter what you are connecting to, DBI/SALA has a connector to get the job done and keep you safe in case of a fall.

Pass-thru Tie-off Adapter
  • 1-3/4" polyester strength member
  • 3" wide polyester wear pad
  • 3' long (other lengths available)
  • Similar Models:
    1003006: 6 ft. length
    1002106: 6 ft. adjustable
D-ring Anchorage Plate
  • Bolt or weld to structure
  • Two 1/2" dia. attachment holes
  • Stainless steel
  • Plate size 1/4"x 2" x 4-1/4"
  • Similar Models:
    2101634: with raw steel

First-Man-Up™ System

A simple and easy way to anchor a fall protection device to an overhead location and beyond normal reach.

First-Man-Up™ System
  • 6 to 12 ft. adjustable pole (2104523)
  • Tie-off adapter tool (2104521)
  • Hook attachment (2104522)
  • Tie-off adapter (1003000)
  • Carrying bag (9511597)
  • Training video (5902302)
  • Similar Model:
    2104520: 8 to 16 ft. adjustable pole

Scaffold choker with D-ring
  • 17" long
  • Fits 3" max. diameter structure
Girder Grip
  • Pivoting wing-bar provides the girder lock
  • Finger grips in center for easy tightening
  • Fits .79" to 1.25" (20 to 32mm) diameter hole in a .25" to 1.25" (6-32mm) thick steel beam
  • With 5 ft. EZ Stop® II shock absorbing lanyard

Beam Anchors

Easily installed and just as easily removed and taken to a new site, DBI/SALA beam anchors provide economical flexibility. You can also depend on both our fixed and sliding beam anchors to stay securely attached to a horizontal beam. If there is a fall, we make sure you’re secure!
Adjustable Width Trolly for I-Beams

Designed for use with self-retracting lifelines on horizontal I-beams.

  • Attachable at midpoint
  • Minimum turn radius of 7"
  • Fit 3"-8" flange width and up to 11/16" thick flat or tapered beams
  • Non-corrosive double-shielded wheel bearings

Glyder™ Sliding Beam Anchor

For complete horizontal mobility, the Glyder™ Sliding Beam Anchor is designed for use with the DBI/SALA Force2™ shock absorbing lanyard when used at your feet. Enjoy total fall protection, along with freedom of movement, as the anchor effortlessly slides across the beam on its wear pads, eliminating metal-to-metal contact.

  • Channel lock prevents beam grip ends from rotating for hassle-free connection
  • Positive spring-loaded engagement provides precision adjustment
  • Dual beam grip adjustment prevents twisting and turning as it moves along the beam
  • Pins install from top for easier installation
  • Pin retaining system prevents loss or damage to locking pins
  • Tie0off overhead or at your feet
  • Replaceable wear pads
  • Fits flange 3-1/2" to 12" wide and up to 1-1/4" thick
  • Similar Model:
    2110941: fits 6" to 18" wide flange up to 2-1/2" thick

Fixed Beam Anchor

The Fixed Beam Anchor is specifically designed for a fall arrest anchorage and also makes an excellent end point for the Sayfline™ Synthetic horizontal lifeline system and other similar DBI/SALA approved systems. It installs in seconds to the beam structure, with final tightening using a built-in adjustment handle. Attach it to the beam structure in any orientation or direction for added versatility.

  • Anchor is easily installed by sliding the adjustable hook-end down to the flange and securing a pin
  • Easily adjust to exactly where you want it
  • Fits 1-1/2" thick flange, 2-1/2" to 12" wide
  • 5000 lb. rated in any direction
  • Similar Models:
    2108407: fits 2-1/2" to 18" wide
    2108408: fits 2-1/2" to 24" wide
    218410: fits 12" to 36" wide, 1/2" to 2-1/2" thick
Steel Erection/Construction
  • Delta™ Harness 1102000
  • Force2 Shock Absorbing Lanyard
  • Glyder Sliding Beam Anchor

Carabiners and Snap Hooks

Carabiners and hooks are the unsung heroes of most DBI/SALA safety systems. The securely attach one component to another; for example: lanyards to harnesses and lifelines to anchorages. All offer maximum strength (at least 5,000 lbs.) and wide throat openings (minimum of ¾”). Several are designed for easy securing while wearing gloves, and all are either self-closing/self-locking or self-locking to keep all components of your safety system firmly attached, including you!

A. 9503175
  • Unobstructed opening
    (no fingers in the way)
  • Easy to operate with gloves
  • Positive self-locking action
  • Compatible with most connecting rings
  • 3/4" opening
  • Similar Models:
    B. 2100000: stainless steel
    C. 9500100: with swivel
A. 2000523
  • 3/4" opening
  • 4-1/4" x 2-3/8"
  • Similar Models:
    B. 2000106: 1-3/16" opening
    C. 2000108: opening
    D. 2000200: stainless steel, 11/16" opening
    E. 2004339: aluminum, 3/4" opening
A. 2007153
Aluminum Snap Hook with Eye
  • Self-closing/locking gate
  • 2-1/4" opening

B. 9510057
Steel Flat Rebar Hook with Eye

  • Self-closing/locking
  • 2-1/4" opening

Roof Anchors

When you are out on the roof of a residential or commercial wood frame structure, whether flat or sloped, your fall protection system needs specialized components to keep you safe and secure without causing damage. DBI/SALA’s easy-to-use, economical kits and anchorage components provide the perfect solution and meet the latest OSHA and ANSI standards.

Roof Anchor Fall Protection Kit
  • Rope adjuster with shock absorbing lanyard (1224005)
  • Delta™ harness (1103513)
  • 50' lifeline assembly with counterweight (1203000)
  • Similar Models:
    2104169: with 2103672 roof anchor
    2104173: with 2104540 roof anchor
    2104174: with 2104541 roof anchor
    2104175: with 2104542 roof anchor
Sayfline™ Roofers System
  • Delta No-tangle™ harness with back D-ring and loops for tool belt (1103513)
  • 50 ft. 5/8" polyester/polypropylene lifeline (1202794)
  • Flexible counterweight (5901583)
  • Rope adjuster with 3' shock absorbing lanyard (1224005)
  • Two reusable roof anchors (2103673)
  • Carrying bag
  • Similar Model:
    7600202: with two roof anchors (2103673) and carrying bag

Standing Seam Roof Anchor
  • Fits 24", 30", 32", 36" spacing
  • 360 degree moveability
  • All components reusable
  • Installs easily without damage to roof
  • Order 30' or 50' Ultra-Lok® SRL separately
Single-mount Sheet Metal Roof Anchor with D-ring
  • 22" long when flat
  • Nail to secure
Removable/Reusable Roof Anchor
  • Chain and O-ring
  • 25" long
  • Nail or bolt into place

Detachable Roof Anchor
  • For open trusses, joists and rafters
  • Removable D-ring and clamp assemblies
  • Fit 2x4 roof truss, joist, rafter
  • Complete with flashing
  • Similar Models:
    2104541: fits 2x6 to 2x8
    2104542: 2x10 to 2x12
U-bolt Permanent Roof Anchor
  • Fits up to 2x8
  • Complete with flashing
  • Similar Model:
    2103671: fits 2x10 to 2x12

Rope Adjuster Lanyard
  • Rope adjuster at one end of EZ Stop® III shock absorbing lanyard lets you safely slide along a lifeline to reach a new work position and then locks onto lifeline to provide fall protection
  • Swiveling style roof anchor with 30 ft. Ultra-Lok SRL (3504430)
  • Similar Model:
    3505695: with 50' Ultra-Lok SRL (3504450)

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